MBTI test


Choose the dichotomy that describes you the best for each pair below then submit using the button at the bottom of the page.

introverti haut
I tend to be quiet and reserved. I have a good focus capacity. I like to work alone and I like to be alone so that I can think. I prefer small groups or even face-to-face occasions over crowds or big groups. I think before I act. I observe the situation before I intervene. I am much more at ease in writing that in oral speeches. I prefer to talk about things that I know. I lose energy when I communicate with others. A good rest for me would be a good movie under the covers. I tend to be solitary. I have few, or even no friends. I tend to have a more and more subjective view on the world when I stay alone, sometimes that has nothing to do with reality.
extraverti haut
I like to spend time with people. Many say that I am very sociable. I need contact with others, I can't stay a whole day without seeing someone. I have a standpoint on everything. I prefer to think outloud or brainstorm with someone. I am rather dynamic and easily distracted. I prefer to be surrounded. The more, the merrier. A good rest for me would be a good beer with my friends in a bar. I know a lot of people, I have a lot of friends, I make friends easily. To better understand something, I need to dive into it, not observe it from behind.
intuitif haut
My focus is on the future and what could be. I understand a situation by the outline. "No no, not need to tell me more, I see what you mean". When I face scattered elements, I tend to grasp the relations that they sustain between themselves without no effort. I like to innovate, I am always looking for to have a better future that my present. People tell me I'm creative, but that I get lost in theory sometimes. I have a confused speech and one doesn't always understand what I'm talking about. I'm interested a lot in the signification of things, events, sometimes more than the events themselves.
sensor haut
My focus is on the present and what is. When I want a summary of the situation, I want people to give me the facts and if possible the most precisely possible. I tend to repeat the same things over and over. I don't like to innovate. I prefer what is directly observable, I don't really like to go behind the scenes to understand. Things are what they are. I like useful things. I like known and standard approaches. I am rather realistic and I don't like to get lost in dreadmin or wondering. I tend to live one day at a time. What interests me in an environment are the elements it contains, not the relations they sustain.
feeler haut
I trust my heart above all. I tend to be lenient, to give multiple chances to people. I tend to compliment people to please them. I seek above all to persuade other, as a last resort I would use logic through a demonstration. People tell me I'm warm and friendly. I take decisions through the filter of my personal values. I am sensitive and tactful. I need to be appreciated and I am motivated by the esteem that others have for me. I am rather talented for relationships. In a speech, I would focus on the form rather than the substance.
thinker top
I prefer to follow my head when I have to make decisions. What makes sense, is the logic of things above all. I have principles. I am calm and reserved. I am objective, at least I try to. I stand as an observator of the world, I tend to have a rather strong critical mind. I prefer justice to pity. I am motivated by my achievements. I favor the content of speeches. Time is a ressource. I am rather talented when the need to analyse what doen't work arrives. I look at he facts and evidence. What interests me, is above all truth. When I have to make a choice, I detach from my feelings and weight the pros and the cons.
judger top
I prefer organization and planification. I like to know what tomorrow will be. I am serious, and I don't joke with the work that has to be done. I like to plan my life and have control over it. I throw away what I consider useless. I like to make decisions. I like things to be structured. Work first, then rest. I hate last-minute stress. I tend to return my projects before the deadline and don't intend to change. I like things to be structured. I prefer an environment that I control. People tell me sometimes that I am too rigid. I prefer to think that I am methodical.
perceiver top
I am flexible and adjustable. I prefer to let things open than to get precise on a decision. I am rather laid-back. I often leave things until the last minute. I try to understand something more than master it. What really interests me, is the process more than the result. I like keeping things, everything can be useful. I sometimes start a bunch of projects without really going through them. I stay open to every modification by the wayside, it doens't bother me, I'm very adaptable. I don't worry often about time. I play and then I work. Last-minute work motives me.