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You all know the power and the utility of social networks in netlinking. So here are links to our YouTube, Google+, etc. pages. You can follow if you want, you will already find this information at the bottom of each page of the website, but this is a more general page just to keep in mind that we are present on social networks (in case you would like to share this website with your friends, which I encourage you to do, obviously). As the community will get bigger, improvements will be made on the website such as an automated algorithm of dating, smileys, a better chat (the current one was a prototype by lack of time), a forum, the use of tritype, better tests, etc. I won't give you all the features that will be implemented since this is a public page of course. But keep in mind that the website will be improved proportionally to the size of the community.

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Same here for directories. If you don't know what is a directory on the Internet, it's simply a website that keeps a database of other websites that registred to it. It is not a search engine since it is more selective. The idea is to make these websites help each other so that they all grow progressively. To thank these directories for their help, I mention them in the list below. For you user, you have to know that a directory is also a good way to look for websites, especially if you're seeking them by category. In which case, you should take a look to the following fellows :

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