Hello everybody and welcome to Do You Mind ? . This website aims to enable people like you and I to meet other people of the same psyche.

You probably at least once thought something like : If only I could know who thinks like me, who I should approach, and whom I won't have any connection with .... You have probably even one day fantasized that people could have labels giving their favorite tastes, or that you could read their minds to know I you had the same.

In a way, these are applications that Do You Mind ? would like to implement one day, with your support, dear community. For the moment, you will already have access to a certain number of features based on psychological tests (forget about the tests Which dog are you ?), these are here the well-know tools (MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Enneagram.

Do You Mind ? wishes you a pleasant stay on our website entirely financed by advertising, reason why I invite you to disable your adblocker (like AdBlock on Firefox) for this website .

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